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2008-02-06 01:21:34
Yalta is a city in Crimea, southern Ukraine, on the north coast of the Black Sea. The city is located on the site of an ...

2008-02-06 00:45:00
Coordinates: 45°32′56″N, 6°45′52″EPeisey-Vallandry is a ski area, part of Les Arcs ski resort. There is a cab...

Siem Reap
2008-02-05 20:26:25

Berny Rivière
2008-06-27 02:04:42
Coordinates: 49°24′27″N 3°08′27″E / 49.4075, 3.14083333333

Baska Voda
2008-02-04 22:12:37
Baska Voda is a small town in the Split-Dalmatia county of Croatia. It is located on the Adriatic coastline of Dalmatia...

Puerto Vallarta
2008-09-22 19:43:28
source: Cuaderno Estadistico Municipal Growth related problems Water pollutionVisibility in the water off of Puerto Val...

2008-02-05 15:18:53
Luxor (Arabic: الأقصر ) is a city in Upper (southern) Egypt and the capital of Luxor Governorate. Its population ...

2008-02-05 17:11:17
Negril is a large beach resort located across parts of two Jamaican parishes, Westmoreland and Hanover. Westmoreland is...

Namib Desert
2008-02-05 17:09:28
Coordinates: 24°45′07″S, 15°16′35″E

Tobago Cays
2008-02-05 22:10:45
Tobago Cays are a small group of islands within the Grenadines islands which lie between the caribbean islands of Saint...

2008-02-05 20:19:29
Seville (Spanish: Sevilla , see also different names) is the artistic, cultural, and financial capital of southern Spai...

2008-02-05 00:37:41
Córdoba is the capital of the Roman province Provincia Hispania Ulterior Baetica. Great philosophers like Lucius Annae...

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