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2008-02-05 17:25:10
Oslo  (called Christiania from 1624 to 1878, and Kristiania from 1878 to 1924) is the capital and largest city of ...

Milky Way
2008-02-05 16:38:12
The Milky Way (a translation of the Latin Via Lactea, in turn derived from the Greek Γαλαξίας (Galaxias) someti...

Merville Beach
2008-02-05 16:36:08
Coordinates: 49°18′23″N, 0°19′16″W

2008-02-05 01:57:44

2008-02-05 02:24:02
Kissimmee is a city in Osceola County, Florida, United States. As of 2006, the population recorded by the U.S. Census B...

2008-02-05 01:16:20
The City and County of Denver (pronounced /ˈdɛnvɚ/) is the capital and the most populous city of Colorado, in the Un...

Atacama Desert
2008-02-04 21:40:47
Coordinates: 24°30′S, 69°15′WThe Atacama Desert is a virtually rainless plateau in South America, extending 966 k...

Valentia Island
2008-02-06 00:43:26
Coordinates: 51°54′N 10°21′W / 51.9, -10.35Valentia Island (Irish: Dairbhre) is one of Europe's westernmost...

2008-02-05 20:42:59
Spitsbergen (formerly known as West Spitsbergen, and sometimes misspelled Spitzbergen) is a Norwegian island, the large...

Scottish Highlands
2008-02-05 20:12:30
The Scottish Highlands (Scottish Gaelic: A' Ghàidhealtachd) include the rugged and mountainous regions of Scotland nor...

Franche Comt
2009-07-12 01:28:21
Franche-Comt the former "Free County" of Burgundy, as distinct from the neighbouring Duchy, is an administrative region...

2008-02-05 19:35:36
Riga is the largest city in the Baltic States, though its population has been on the decrease since 1991. Notable cause...

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