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2008-02-05 01:21:20

2008-02-05 13:35:30
The Province of Lapland (Lappi in Finnish and Sami, Lappland in Swedish) is one of the Provinces of Finland. The munici...

Big Sur
2008-02-04 22:38:12
Big Sur is a sparsely populated region of the central California, United States coast where the Santa Lucia Mountains r...

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2008-02-05 01:05:26
Coordinates: 16°04′N, 108°14′E

2008-02-03 13:19:29
Algiers (Arabic: الجزائر‎, Standard Arabic: Al Jaza'ir IPA: , Algerian Arabic: Dzayer ( (From Berber pronuncia...

Ste Foy Tarentaise
2008-02-05 21:02:44
Central group PassesThe main passes of the Graian Alps are shown in the table below. The group in which the pass is lo...

Lhaviyani Atoll
2008-02-05 13:42:30

Rila Mountains
2008-02-05 19:36:07
Rila (Bulgarian: Рила ) is a mountain range in southwestern Bulgaria and the highest mountain range of Bulgaria and...

2008-02-05 21:16:44
Tangier or Tangiers (Tanja طنجة in Berber and Arabic, Tánger in Spanish, Tânger in Portuguese, and Tanger in Fre...

2008-02-05 21:23:42
The village Güímar is the site of the mysterious Pyramids of Güímar. TourismTourism is the most prominent industry ...

2008-02-05 15:35:40
Magaluf is a major holiday resort on the Spainish island of Majorca primarily catering for the British package holiday ...

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